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Latest Info:  Wetlands Art Tour, Iron Lattice Fundraiser, Big Class end-of year Party

Wetlands Art Tour ~ Saturday, May 14th 6-9pm
live music by Michot’s Melody Makers feat. Louis Michot
food by Slow Food New Orleans and Continental Provisions; info tables.    

Iron Lattice "Sunday in the Park" Fundraiser ~ Sunday, May 15th 2-6pm
We want to have a lazy Sunday in the park with you! Bellegarde Bread x perfectly smoked pork from Slow and Leaux x some excellent sides from Mimi's, all washed down with a beer from 40 Arpent = a damn delicious afternoon. 

Prizes, fortune telling, sharp haircuts from Factotum Barber and Supply, kissing booth, good music, and more! 

No cover and all proceeds go directly towards the printing of our second edition, due out in June, so don't feel bad about getting that second plate of food. Or beer. See you soon!

Big Class End of Year Publishing Party ~ Thursday, May 26th 6-9pm
A family and neighborhood event with food, readings, activities, and music. 

Big Class cultivates and supports the voices of New Orleans' writers ages 6-18 through creative collaborations with schools and communities.

"You Are Here"
A very dedicated group of artists, neighbors, and friends have worked diligently for months to create this spectacular piece of neighborhood magic...

If you would like to know more about the creation of the mural, please contact Laurel True at   

You can also see photos of the bench making during our fund raiser at Community Mosaic Bench Making at Clouet Gardens
Don't forget to check out Paul Santoleri's mural "Waking
Medusa".  Here is a link to a beautiful stop action video of the creation last November
What about dog use?
Although our hearts go out to the dog owners who are going to be permanently displaced by the Markey Park renovations, we must stress that
Clouet Gardens is not a dog park
We have worked very hard to create this space, and it exists first and foremost for the enjoyment of people.  While we do not want to exclude people from enjoying the space with their pets, we need everyone to responsibly monitor this use.  We are having problems with dog fights, dog poop, and dogs destroying the landscaping through digging and urination.  We are concerned that these problems may become much worse with the renovation of Markey Park.  Because of these issues, we must ask that dogs be kept on leash, especially in the presence of children and other animals.  If you witness the space being abused, please let the offenders know it is unacceptable and bring the incident to our attention at  
We are sorry to have to set such rules, but we hope you understand our predicament. 
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